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VUZ Moto Motorcycle Cover
VUZ motorcycle cover on blue triumph scrambler
VUZ Moto motorcycle cover
Corsair All-Weather Motorcycle Cover
Corsair All-Weather Motorcycle Cover
Rider putting Vuz Moto motorcycle cover on a motorcycle
Rider putting Vuz Moto motorcycle cover on a motorcycle
Rider standing next to motorcycle with VUZ Moto motorcycle cover
Corsair All-Weather Motorcycle Cover
vuz moto Motorcycle cover carry bag

Corsair All-Weather Motorcycle Cover


Regular price $49.99

    A Pirate's Life 

    VUZ Moto Corsair covers are your go-to shield for year-round protection of your trusty adventure voyager in all weather conditions. Durable and built to last, seasons will come and go while your bike stays cloaked in awesomeness. 


    • Waterproof. Heavy duty polyester wicks water away faster that you can say "skedaddle".

    •  Reflective stripes for dark hour visibility

    • Elastic in all the right spots. Straps around the belly keep things in place and secure. 

    • Reinforced cutouts on front tire for locking the bike. 

    • Vents at grips for wafting out unwanted air and condensation. 

    • Carry bag included.

      • Medium: 80 x 35 x47 (2.3 pounds)
      • LARGE: 90 x 39 x50 (2.5pounds)
      • EXTRA-LARGE: 97 x 41 x50 (2.7pounds)




    Questions & Answers

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    • I am unsure what size to get for my 2018 street scrambler, what size would be best suited for my bike?

      A large would fit perfectly! 

    • When will you have lg. In stock again? I have a triumph t100? Looks like it requires lg?

      These are being discontinued :( 

    • Will you restock the large size cover?

      At this time we will not be restocking this cover.

    • i have a triumph street twin. what size Corsair All-Weather Motorcycle Cover should I buy?

      We would say a medium!  

    • Is there a warranty

      There sure is! -- You can learn more about our 1-year warranty here:

    • What are the dimensions of the cover when it's packed up? Does it come with a bag it can be stuffed into easily?

      The covers come in a black polyester bag made of the same material with a cinch chord. Depending on the size, the packed covers arrive in a package about 13.9 x 13.7 x 4.8 inches.

      Hope this helps!

    • I have a 2016 Triumph Scrambler with the arrow 2 into 1 exhaust. I live in the city and am looking for a cover I can throw on right after riding to help hide the bike from opportunistic thieves. I need a cover that withstand the heat high exhaust without melting. Can this cover do that?

      We recommend letting the piepes cool down before applying the cover. Depending on how long your ride has been this coulf be from 5-20 minutes before it's safe. 

    • On the photos above you are showing a scrambler. What size are you using on it?

      We use a size L on the Scrambler:) 

    • I,d like to know what is the inside material, it’s that a soft fabric to prevent scratches?

      The polyester fabric will most definitely not scratch your bike. 

    • Would the XL for a 2009 Victory Vegas?

      Yes! The XL sould work out just great. 

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