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VUZ Moto Expandable Tail Bag
Motorcycle Tail Bag
VUZ Moto Motorcycle Tail Bag
VUZ Moto Motorcycle Tail Bag
VUZ Moto Motorcycle Tail Bag
VUZ Moto Motorcycle Tail Bag
VUZ Moto Motorcycle Tail Bag
Clips for VUZ Moto Motorcycle Tail Bag
Zipper for VUZ Moto Motorcycle Tail Bag
VUZ Moto Motorcycle Tail Bag
VUZ Moto Motorcycle Tail Bag
Expandable Tail Bag
Expandable Tail Bag
Expandable Tail Bag

Expandable Tail Bag


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The VUZ Moto Expandable Tail Bag was built with utility in mind to be a versatile and useful travel companion in any condition. The 1680D Polyester fabric construction is durable and built to last for years. It may be oddly shaped, but its capacity and quick access openings and mounting features make this bag one of our favorites. Features of the bag include:

  • 1680D Polyester / PVC construction. Durable and built to last.

  • It's also waterproof: Removable rain-fly with elastic fitting and separate exterior storage compartment.

  • Includes all mounting straps needed: mount to any seat or sissy bar. Super quick. 

  • External storage features are awesome: store hoodies, jackets, gloves, pets and other loose items in drawstring and external pouch.

  • Dimensions 

    Zipped: 24 Liters - 15x12x8", 2.1lbs
    Expanded: 30 Liters -15x15x8"


Questions & Answers

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  • Would you please provide the capacity of this bag in liters (expanded and not expanded)? Most bags seem to have this info in their decription so it's helpful for comparison purposes. Thank you.

    24L zipped and 30 expanded. 

  • will this bag fit on the back of a Suzuki tu250x?

    Yes it will!

  • Will it fit on the luggage rack of Yamaha TW200?

    yes it will.

  • Will it fit Yamaha TW200 rack which is 10 long x 16 wide?

    Yes it will!

  • Is this bag completely flexible, or does it have some stiffness to retain it's shape?

    This bag is flexible but the stiffness of the side zippers help keep it's shape. You would be able to fold the sides in (zippers horizontal) for storage if needed.

  • Will this or the saddle bag be compatible with a sports bike? 2017 ninja 650.

    The seat on the Nija may be a little short to fit the Epandable Tail Bag without it hanging off the rear a bit, but it would most definitely strap down. The saddlebags look like they would need some support as there is a large gap between the rear tire and tail of the bike. 

  • Will this bag fit on Indian scout

    Yes, you should be able to strap the bag down without any issues on the Scout. :)

  • Your bag looks awesome. Does it fit the backseat of a 2017 Ducati Monster 797? (I saw your honesty with the Ninja 650 guy and I think it's awesome that you didn't want to make him buy something that didn't fit. I hope you get the success you deserve. We need more people like you.)

    Hey there! We think your Ducati would suffer the same symptoms as the Ninja, as the bag would either hang off the tail a bit or ride up on your back. In any case you can give it a shot and if it doesn't work we can help our with a return. It would strap down, but may not be comfortable riding with and could obstruct your tail lights. Cheers, and safe trails!

  • hey there...was checking out this bag. i know it will fit my bonneville seat....but i dont have a sissy bar. was going to add a rack to the back (not a sissy bar). will this fit on a tail rack too? or only strapped to seat or upright on a sissy bar?

    No problem on the Bonnie! And will def fit on a rack     

  • I ride an Indian Scout with a tail rack. Can this be mounted on the tail rack?

    The tail bag should fit the tail rack o the Scout quite nicely. Would love to see some photots!

  • Does it fit in a Kawasaki Versys 650 2008 (KLR650)? And, can I fit a 15in laptop in it?

    The tail bag should fit nicely on both bikes. No problem on holding a 15" laptop as well!

  • i see you say it fits on a Bonnie (good bike choice by the way Ryan!) I have a '16 Bonnie T100. about to add the tail rack that is "made" for the bike - triumph accessory - but looks pretty small. does ryan have any pics of the bag on a rack? the seat is fine ...except for when i went to be +1.

    The Triumph rack may be a little small to facilitate the bag properly. When layed flat, the bag is 15" long and 12" wide -- so even if you put the bag sidways so to speak it would hang off the back of the rack significantly. 

    Although there are ways to get creative with mounting loggage and "make things work", the rack may not be the best fit on the rack when riding 2-up. 

    Cheers, and safe trails!

  • Is it easily removable? Do the mounting straps stay on the bike? 1982 honda 650sc.

    The bag is easy to remove. The moutnint straps are simple adjustable nylon straps with plastic clips. They can be utialized in different ways but I'd recommend removing them from the bike when the bag is not mounted so they don't get caught in any moving parts. 

  • Will the tail bag fit ok on a 2015 yamaha sr400?

    The bag should fit nicely without a passenger! You can use the stock grab rail to latch onto. Let us know how it goes!

  • Will it fit on an iron 883? And do you guys sell covers for the bag

    At first glance we're not sure the Expandable Tail Bag would be the best fit ont he HD Iron 883. If you have a custom setup feel free to send some photos to and we can discuss the fitting option. The bag does not come with a "cover" but there is a rainfly included. 

  • Will this fit on a 1985 Yamaha Virago?

    It's hard to tell without seeing your bike -- but you'll need about 13-15" of seat or rack to rest the bag on. 

  • Does it fit a 17 inch laptop?

    It's built for a 15" laptop. We've had some reports of a 17" laptop being super tight so we wouldn't recommend it. 

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