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VUZ Moto waterproof motorcycle saddlebags on triumph scrambler
VUZ Moto waterproof motorcycle saddlebags
VUZ Moto waterproof motorcycle saddlebag
VUZ Moto waterproof motorcycle saddlebags scrambler straps
VUZ Moto waterproof motorcycle saddlebag
VUZ Moto waterproof motorcycle saddlebag
VUZ Moto waterproof motorcycle saddlebag neoprene shield
VUZ Moto waterproof motorcycle saddlebag
VUZ Moto waterproof motorcycle saddlebag air valve
VUZ Moto waterproof motorcycle saddlebag in triumph scrambler.

Dry Saddlebags


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The two best friends

The VUZ Dry Saddlebags are perfect for any riding condition and attach to various bike types with different seat widths, exhaust setups, and attachment points. Completely waterproof design means you can adventure with anything and have the peace of mind it will arrive safely. Additional straps are included to run a single bag (left or right) when economy is needed, for sharing bags with friends, or for bikes with a high-exhaust. 
    • Two bags are included. Think we'd sell you just one? 
    • Like the rest of the Dry Bag line, these saddlebags are truly waterproof. 
    • Simple roll-top design with an air-valve to remove excess space makes it easy to load and secure for travel. 
    • Each bag is mage from durable PVC tarpaulin and included a neoprene shield to protect the bags from engine heat and provide added rigidity. 
      Neoprene Heat Shiels
    • 4 compressions straps per 24L bag, one each on the top and bottom and one on each side create a compact unit ready for any road ahead. 

    • Each bag comes with two mounting straps that attach to the bike directly or rack and clip into the bag. Additional Scrambler Straps are included with each bag for mounting just one bag at a time (see photo below). Great for when two bags aren't needed or allowed (such as on bikes with a high exhaust on one side. You can also share a bag with a friend. 
    • Scrambler Straps for Single Bag Mounting   Single Saddlbag Mounted with Scrambler Straps

    • DIMENSIONS: 15 x 12 x 4.5 inches (roll top adjusts up to 19) -- 4lbs.

    • One-year manufacturer warranty. 

Questions & Answers

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  • Hi, I have a 2016 Moto Guzzi Stornello, I only need one bag, due to the high exhaust. Can I buy one bag? If not can the second bag be mounted as a seat bag if needed? Thank you.

    Bags can be mounted almost anywhere with enough creativity, but we'd really recommend use of this as a saddlebag only. We only sell in pairs typically but it's always good to have one for a friend!

  • I have a 2013 triumph Bonneville t100. Do I need support for these saddlebags?

    Supoprts are always reommended but you should be fine running them just resting on the rear shocks. Keep them elevated as high as you can and take caustion that no straps are rubbing on the tires. The more weight you add to the bags the more they will sag. 

  • Hi there, I have a Triumph scrambler and looking to find a saddlebag for just one side as the exhaust is high on the other. Is it possible to buy just one bag? and if not, have you tried mounting on the exhaust side of a scrambler before? does it sit safely over the exhaust? Thanks, they look great.

    Cant buy them seperately :( It will fit over the exhaust safely! 

  • Ive got a 2013 800 Tiger xc Will these fit over exhaust pipe and stay out of tire(s) on eithet side?

    We would reccomend a rack to hold the bags off the pipe and wheels.

  • Hi, can the bags be mounted under the seat. I have a 2017 Triumph T120

    Yes that would work. 

  • Well, this work on a triumph bobber?

    Yes it will!

  • I have a 2018 Suzuki VanVan. Can I use the second bag on the side with the exhaust? It has a nice heat shield in place already.

    Ya as long as there is a heat shield, you should be good! 

  • Hi. Would these work on a classic and rare 98' Triumph Thunderbird Sport?

    Yes it will! 

  • Would these work on 2017 Harley Dyna street Bob?

    Yes it will!

  • Recently purchased a CSC TT250 and your bags look great! I’m concerned the high exhaust will be an issue. There is a plastic cover separating the exhaust so I was hoping that would be okay. I know it’s not a common bike so I understand if unsure. Thank you!

    Ya with the plastic cover that should keep it off the pipe.

  • Will these saddlebags work on a 2017 Triumph Street Cup (900 cc)? My side rail is kinda tucked under the seat, will that matter with the straps?

    Yes it will work with that bike and side rail placement. 


    If you have high exhaust you'll need a rack to make sure the bags don't hit the pipe. They will surely melt if they touch the exhaust. They do need some support from the frame or rear shocks if not using a rack. 

  • Hi, will these support the genuine roughhouse scooter?

    Yes, these should fit nicely on that scooter. 

  • Looking to mount the bags on a 1972 cb350. Will they fit ok? Also is there any way to lock the bag or thread something through the opening and lock them? Thanks!

    Hi there. The bags should rest OK on the rear shocks but be carefull with a lot of weight -- they may rub on the rear tire. Should clear the exhaust fine but they will burn if they touch the exhaust. Currently there's no way to lock these to the bike or to lock shut. 

  • I have a Scrambler and only want one bag. Is there or can there be an option of buying a single bag with a discount?

    We don't have the bags for sale individually but happy to help. If intereted, email and we'll see what we can do for you.

  • Do I need saddlebag support brackets to install these bags on my bike?

    It depends on the bike. If you have high exhaust you'll need a rack to make sure the bags don't hit the pipe. They will surely melt if they touch the exhaust. They do need some support rom the frame or rear shocks if not using a rack. 

  • Will these fit on a 2015 Suzuki DR200s enduro?

    We'd recommend a panier rack to keep the bags off the exhaust and supported. With the rack the bags should fit no problem. 

  • I have a fz09 looking to take a short trip. Are these the bags for me and my bike?

    The FZ09 won't support these bags without a rack. There's too big a gab between the swing arm / rear tire and the seat. Here's a link to some supporting features that would make the bags compatible with the bike. 

    Rear rack:

    Soft saddlebag mounts: j-soft-saddlebag-mounts?b=Street+Motorcycle&d=28%7C28&dealernumber=

  • Will these work on a Triumph Thruxton 1200 (2016) without support bracket? Thank you

    Sweet Bike :) Thruxtons are a bit tricky in that you need to keep the bags off the exhaust... so keep them high. If you can rest on the rear fender/tail lights and the rear shocks you should be good to go!

  • What is the bike in the first picture?

    The Triumph is a 2015 Scrambler EFI -- The Honda is a VFR 1200x.

  • Will I need a rack to fit these to my 2005, Triumph T100?

    Would be a great fit on a classic looking bike!

  • i have a 2017 triumph bobber. do you think it can fit on the swng cage without any rack?

    Sorry for the late response! 

    I think the bags would hand too low on the bobber and would come into contact with the pipes, which would surely burn the bags. Great bike! A rack would be recommended though. 

  • tell me about the top bag on the VF1200X

    Hi there -- are you referring to the backpack tank bag? You can learn more about that product here:

    Feel free to email the brand manager Ryan at with any questions and he can get back to you with all the details!

  • What are the dimensions of the bags? Length X Width X Height?

    DIMENSIONS: 15 x 12 x 4.5 inches (roll top adjusts up to 19) -- 4lbs.

  • I have a Ducati Scrambler Classic (2015). Will these work without any saddlebag stays? If not, can you reccommend which stays would be appropriate? Thanks!

    You'll most definitely need something to support the bags on the Ducati Sramber. There's nothing between the rear fender and tire. There are multiple options out there so I would just see what fits in your price range. Anything to keep the bags off the rear tire will work!

  • The dry saddlebags are out of stock. Any idea when they'll be available again?

    Saddlebags should be back in stock in 2-3 weeks. We'll make an announcement when available. Our apologies for the inconvenience!

  • Hi. Will these go on a Ducati Desert Sled? What's the max load they can carry? (BTW I have the tank bag and love it-use it all the time)

    Hi Patrick -- Sweet bike! Unfortunately the swing arm on the desert sled required that you'd use some racks to support the bags. The scrambler utilized the rear shock suspension for support. 

  • I have a Triumph T120 black with a rear rack on the back. Will the saddle bags and tail back be suitable for it without risk of heating up them or consuming them while riding? Thanks Fabio.

    Hi Fabio,

    As long as the bags are off the pipes you should be fine!

  • I just picked these on amazon for my rd350. They look like a great set of bags for my purpose. Would I need any additional hardware or will they sit nice and tight on the old RD? Please advise.

    Sweet bike! -- They should fit just gresat without any racks needed. If you have any issues just let us know! 

  • Will these bags work on a 2016 harley sportster 48?

    Yes! The rear suspension should provide enough support or the bags -- just make sure to keep them off the pipes!

  • Have you seen the bags used on a Yamaha xsr700 and is a rack needed? Thanks

    Never seen them on the xsr but a rack would be needed since there's a large gap between the seat and rear tire. You'd want something like this:

  • Would I need a rack on a 1980 BMW R100?

    Should fit! Just have to keep them off the pipes. 

  • I have a Triumph Street Twin with the Triumph luggage rack. Will these bags work for that setup?

    Will work great!

  • how tall?

    DIMENSIONS: 15 x 12 x 4.5 inches (roll top adjusts up to 19) -- 4lbs.

  • i have a suzuki tu250x witha custom seat, it has not rack bars like in 4th picture of the product details. Its possible to fit them anyways?

    Should be OK. If you'd like to send a photo of your bike to he can let you know for sure. 

  • Ok guys.. great effing design. Can I use this with my Moto Guzzi V7 Stone?

    Thanks! -- should fit great. Check out the photo from our FB.

  • Hello, Do these fit on a Moto Guzzi v7 classic? Thanks.


  • Would these work on a KLR 650 or would the exhaust be an issue?

    You would need to run a rack on the right sight to keep the bags off the exhaust. Here's a photo of a KLR with the bags:

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