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The Urban Rider.

You know them when you see them... mirrored helmet, fitted pants, minimal gloves, leather jacket and sweet bike worth a double-take. The modern urban rider has made it's mark in the industry, utilizing classic style and modern technology to etch out its own category of fashion and utility. Here's a list of go-to products for the "cool" in all of us. 

The Boots: Start From The Ground Up.

The Pants: They Dont Always Have To Be Skinny Jeans...

  • AGV Sport Apex Kevlar: Still jeans but built for ultimate road protection with padding. Knee areas are stretchable as well!
  • Stretch Denim Jeans: Well just as the title says... very trendy. 
  • Bilt Iron Jeans: Built to protect! These are some heavy duty cargo pants that you can ride the town with. 

The Jacket/Vest: Be Safe, Be Seen. 

The Gloves: Less is More.

The Helmet: Protect Your Dome, Look Like A Badass.

Motorcycle Luggage: Dont Forget To Pack.

The Bike: Its Time To Ride.

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