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The Urban Rider.

You know them when you see them... mirrored helmet, fitted pants, minimal gloves, leather jacket and sweet bike worth a double-take. The modern urban rider has made it's mark in the industry, utilizing classic style and modern technology to etch out its own category of fashion and utility. Here's a list of go-to products for the "cool" in all of us.  The Boots: Start From The Ground Up. Stylmartin Wave Boots: Style, leather and well built. What more could you want?  Fairfax Rider Shoes: Premier protection with sneaker fashion. Urban rider... we say yes!  Street Rocker D-WP: Waterproof and built to ride while still offering a shoe to walk around the city.  The Pants: They Dont Always Have To Be Skinny Jeans......

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Top 5 Fall Rides!

The colors are changing, temperatures are cooling and its time to gear up and ride. We have complied a list of the top 5 rides you must check out of this fall. If you have other rides that you feel should have made this list, send them to us here: 1. Blue Ridge Parkway - North Carolina & Virginia: Covering 469 miles, this road is one to see and enjoy! Being immersed in the changing of the season covered in Great Smoky Mountains of North Carolina.    2. Pacific Coast Highway - Oregon & California: Along the west cost of the country lies one of the most breathtaking rides we have been on. Stretching 655 miles, this ride will touch some of...

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Build Guide: VUZ Moto Triumph Scrambler EFI

  Like many Triumph owners I’m sure, I had my eyes set on a Triumph bike and Triumph only from the moment I thought about purchasing a motorcycle. In particular I loved the look of the Triumph Scrambler and spent countless hours gawking over images pasted over Instagram and Pinterest. I remember the first time I saw a Triumph Scrambler in person -- It was about 5 years ago and I was rambling through the streets of Berkeley, CA with about 15 of my closest friends on my way to the BART station, heading over to Golden Gate Park for the Outside Lands music festival. There I stood, looking like a knock-off version of white Jimi Hendrix (festival garb in...

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Trip Guide: 180 miles -- Downtown Chico to Sierra Nevada Brewery... the Long Way

    This past Memorial Day weekend I took the opportunity to adventure out on one of my favorite rides in the the north-state area, heading east into the Sierra Nevada mountains from Chico, CA. In short the route heads up HWY 70 (one of the most scenic rides in Northern California) and then HWY 89 to Lake Almanor, and then back to Chico via HWY 36 to 32. The total trip is about 180mi. I grabbed my budy Gabe and his Africa Twin and my little sister hopped on board for the adventure. We split it up with an overnight stay at a friend’s house in Lake Almanor (more on that later) but it’s definitely a day trip. Let’s...

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